How I came here!

Ohh yeahhhh…Finally, I am on my way to Vancouver.

These were the things in my mind, spinning around when I was on flight LH 492 from Frankfurt to Vancouver on September 1st 2011. What I remember from that day is I was excited, sad and yet very anxious and just realizing what I was putting myself in to. It was a very long process to come to Vancouver and I was very proud of myself, finally I was doing it.

In 2010, I started working at the airport and I remember, I loved the people that I was working with but I hated the job. It required very early night shifts(@ 3am I was at the airport, ready to work) and the job that I was doing was not challenging but energy sucking. I thought that I needed something different in my life, something will help me to find out about what I really wanted to do in this life. I was ready for a journey which will teach me things, help me to get new insights and  grow up. I don`t know why I didn’t check for other work opportunities in other cities or countries. The day I say to myself, I can not do this job anymore, it became clear that I needed to search for schools for marketing education.


First thing I did was  creating a key decision criteria. I set 6-7 key points  such as weather, tuition fee, education level, acceptance of diploma in Turkey, cost of living, work permit etc. After than that I started thinking about where I can go to? UK, that might be a good idea. I have my uncle there but very expensive. Australia, weather is also very nice there. USA, himm even though I don’t like their mind in consumption and war, there are nice schools out there. Canada, it is a cold country but tuition fees are way cheaper than the others and in some parts of Canada, actually the weather is not bad. After I finish my assessment test Vancouver and Kwantlen popped up as a best option.

Now, I knew where and which school I wanted to go to but that was just the beginning of a whole crazy year. I had to pass TOEFL exam, accepted to Kwantlen and get my visa from Embassy of Canada.  I have done everything step by step and it took a year to come to Vancouver.

Being an international student is difficult, very challenging and yet requires lots of determination and sacrifice even we go to the destination country. I am sure every international student  had the same problems and challenges that I had. Maybe some of us even more. We all realize it is the beginning of our long and difficult path. Not just financially but leaving our loved ones and the comfort we used to is not there anymore. We all start everything over again in another country.

Next week I will be writing about my first impression about Vancouver and Vancouverites…


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2 thoughts on “How I came here!

  1. sheilahancock says:

    Ece, what an interesting journey you are on…and what an enormous effort you’ve made! I went through a similar process in deciding which doctoral programme to pursue: I ended up at a UK university, and though I do have to go to England for yearly residentials, I complete most classes online. The international fees are killing me though!
    Looking forward to your future posts!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sharanr95 says:

    Being a university student is so difficult on its own, I can’t even imagine how much harder it must be when you have to go through it on your own, away from your loved ones in a completely new country! Obviously you have a lot of courage if you’re willing to make so many sacrifices to pursue a new path! Good luck on this journey and I look forward to reading about the different thing you experience here in Vancouver!


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