Vancouver is awesome and different

It is Friday, October 3rd 2014 and I am sitting in front of my computer and trying to think about 3 years ago. Ohh men, it is difficult to remember everything in details. Most of them are blurry. Himm, think AJ, think! Great, things are coming back to me:)

As I have mentioned on my previous post, coming to another part of the world is scary and stressful and I can guarantee you, reading things about the city and actually seeing it is totally different. This week I will be writing about my first impressions of Vancouver, lets say about Richmond:)

In my first couple of weeks in Canada,  I have stayed with a friend for a while in Richmond. I remember my first day: it was a sunny and nice to explore around. I was inpatient to go out and walk around for a while, curious to find interesting places. After I pass the residential area, I started to see business signs. Himm, ok but they are all in Chinese! Everybody on the streets are Asian. Am I in Canada? I knew that Canada is a multi-cultural country and receives lots of immigrants every year but the image in my mind was totally different than the reality because in Turkey, the way that Canada presented is totally different. Then I  realized being in Richmond was a huge advantage for me.

UntitledAfter a short period of adaptation, I realized I could experience China actually without being there:) For example,one of the first things I have learnt was there is no language called Chinese (My apologies!). There are two languages, Cantonese and Mandarin and they are different than each other. The food is amazing (love it-so delicious) and awesome for my pocket. I started having Chinese dinner every night. Parker Place was my hood 🙂 My Chinese origin friends are friendly and awesome. After so many years, for the first time I can even play badminton with them -Badminton is not a very popular sport in Turkey but here lots of people know how to play. This is cool 🙂


I will be honest with you, after all this time, I am still not used to bad drivers and the veggie guy who can not understand me, but that`s ok ( I know he is really trying to help me-that`s cute). I am more open to accepting the differences now rather then rejecting them. I am happy with what the life is teaching me.

I hope to see you around here more often , and thanks for your great comments in advance.



One thought on “Vancouver is awesome and different

  1. tomthomas2 says:

    At least you have a sense of adventure to travel to a different place and live there. Not everyone can do that. When I was in Europe on business I went to many places in France where people do not move away from where they were born. It has its advantages, like your family is always close to you. But I like the idea of one day the world exists in peace. This will only happen when we can truly trust each other. Before trust can develop we have to get to know each other. The internet is great for this but traveling is better. Getting to know someone from far away seems to make that place closer. We need to promote the idea that we can all live together on this planet without war. To create a place where honest people have rights we need to get to know each other.


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