Dear Vancouver,I am very fond of you!

When I first began  to think about leaving Turkey and study abroad, I had certain criteria on my mind such as weather, culture, cost of living, tuition fees etc. However the most important thing was choosing the right school.  On the other hand, I just didn’t want to go somewhere where I wasn’t going to have fun at all, and just study.  One of my managers at the airline company that I used to work for, suggested that I get some information about Vancouver, and surprisingly it was a match for me:)

The weather is nice and mild.

Compared with the rest of the Canada, the weather in Vancouver is neither too hot nor too cold.  We have great, sunny summers here.  I especially enjoy those epic sunsets, when the city glows like a diamond. Since weather is very nice, you can bike anywhere you like, go for short hikes, attend great outdoor events/concerts, and have nice walks on the seawall.  Winters in Vancouver are pretty good too since it is not as cold as rest of the Canada. On the other hand it rains quite a lot which i guess doesn’t help with my mood but thats the main reason why we have mild winters in Vancouver . It may rain in the city but it definitely snows in the mountains which is great because after a long day at work you can go to Grouse Mountain and ski.

The commuting system is one of the best in North America.

By saying commuting system I mean the buses, the skytrain, ferries and bikes. When I first came here I was pleased to find that the city was designed to commute easily with less carbon gas. The municipality promotes the transit system by offering a Upass to university students, offers a 1 year free transit pass with no zone restriction if you give up your car, and creates HOV lanes so more people can car pool.  Additionally,  certain streets are designated as bike lanes to provide a safe biking experience and to promote a  healthy lifestyle.  We see bike racks at the every corner of the city, and we can take our bike with us on the bus, skytrain or ferry. I think these efforts deserve a huge wow and I am fascinated by them.

Clean streets.

I think the first thing that helps Vancouver to be Vancouver is the people who are living  in the city.  Even though I am sure the municipality spends quite a lot of  money to keep the city clean, the environmental stewardship mentality among Vancouverites is one of the keys that keeps Vancouver this well maintained.

Nature and Wild Life.

You don’t need to leave the city to experience the wild life and nature. Vancouver has lots of trails. They are big, full of old trees and in the heart of the city. In Vancouver, you don’t need to drive far outside of the city to hike incredible trails. You just simply can bike there in 15 minutes. They are full of mystery and excitement. I love mountain biking in those trails; they are so much fun:) On the other hand, I love experiencing the wild life in Vancouver. So far I have seen animals like racoons, beavers, squirrels, and foxes walking in those trails and other parts of the city.  It is rad because seeing that humans can actually share the same space with wild animals gives me huge hopes for the future.

Vancouver is great for me; the lifestyle totally matches with my expectations from a city and surprises me everyday with something new, different and I look forward to experiencing it more!




6 thoughts on “Dear Vancouver,I am very fond of you!

  1. behindthecounter1100 says:

    I really enjoy seeing your perspectives on everything. I live a fair distance away from Vancouver and I found it a shock when I first started going to Richmond and Vancouver on a regular basis. It is fun comparing my experiences to yours and some of the exchange students and other international students. The one main thing that is usually vastly different is the opinions on the weather.
    I am glad you are enjoting it here so much 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. racheljoycheng says:

    That’s great that you have had a pleasant experience so far in Vancouver! Even though our winters are mild, I can easily do without the rain 🙂 Our nature definitely makes up for it though! It’s fun to see Vancouver from a foreigner’s perspective – keep up the great posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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